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United States
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Hey sup.

:iconmaliciousghost: is my uber-amazing sister that I love so much it's ridiculous. :3

Current Residence: ... Under your bed.
Favorite genre of music: Most anything.
Favorite style of art: Either realistic or anime-ish.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano. I think.
Wallpaper of choice: Fff, let's think about that. The one on my screen, maybe?
Skin of choice: Yours.
Favorite cartoon character: ...Bumblebee. >/
Personal Quote: "You have failed me yet again, Sisii."
My FictionPress:
My FanFiction:
Keep in note that those two ^^ will probably see quite a bit of writing that dA does not, and vice versa, because I am forgetful.

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[x] You have a dark sense of humor.
[x] People often tell you you're 'crazy', 'weird', 'a freak' and other words to that effect.
[/] You like wearing bright colors even if they clash.
[x] You don't tend to make a lot of sense.
[ ] You are self-obsessed.
[ ] You will do anything for a laugh.
[x] You can't laugh at yourself very easily.
[ ] You're smiling a lot of the time.
[x] You are intelligent.
[ ] You like to be the center of attention.
[ ] You enjoy the work of the Marx Brothers.
Total: 5.5

[ ] You are a Gemini.
[x] You seem to have two sides to you that different people see.
[x] You have taken revenge on a bully.
[x] You have/had a burn or scar or something similar visible for over two months.
[/] You believe in chance and fate.
[/] You tend to be paranoid.
[x] You consider yourself unattractive.
[x] You feel no one can truly like/love you for who you are.
[x] You have trouble making decisions by yourself.
[ ] Blackmail is a completely acceptable method to use in getting what you want.
Total: 7

[ ] You love birds.
[ ] You consider yourself a complete gentleman/lady.
[ ] You have/had an overprotective mother.
[ ] You always keep an umbrella in your bag just in case.
[ ] You are always dressed smartly.
[x] You were/are bullied in your youth.
[ ] You consider yourself obese.
[ ] You have a lot of connections.
[/] You want to work with animals in some way.
[ ] You want to run your own nightclub.
Total: 1.5

[ ] You like to scare people.
[x] You have a reclusive nature.
[ ] Your life is ruled by research/work.
[/] You are scared of birds.
[x] You are tall and skinny.
[ ] You take/have taken psychology at school/university/college.
[x] You feel your parents were loveless towards you.
[ ] You were born out of wedlock.
[ ] You used to pick on animals as a child by hurting them or scaring them.
[x] You have/had religious fanatics in your family.
Total: 4.5

[ ] You love puzzles and riddles.
[ ] You have red/ginger hair.
[/] You have OCD.
[x] You are quirky.
[ ] You consider yourself a 'smooth talker'.
[x] You are an intellectual.
[x] You get high marks on your texts/exams.
[/] Most of your body is covered in tattoos.
[ ] You seldom win in physical fights.
[/] You complete computer games with ease.
Total: 4.5

Mr. Freeze
[ ] You prefer cold weather.
[ ] You want to be cryogenically frozen.
[ ] You have lost a loved one to a terminal illness.
[ ] You go/have gone to boarding school.
[x] You are a loner.
[ ] You go all out to hurt someone who hurt you.
[x] You would do anything for the one you love.
[ ] Winter is your favorite season.
[x] You have poor blood circulation.
Total: 3

Ra's Al Ghul
[/] You are manipulative.
[ ] You would love to get rid of everything and start the world again from scratch.
[ ] You want perfect environmental balance.
[ ] Science is/was your favourite subject.
[ ] You consider yourself a spiritual person.
[x] You consider your age to not be an issue.
[ ] You want a son.
[x] You keep yourself fit
[ ] You want to live forever.
[x] You see the world as decadent and corrupt.
Total: 3.5

[x] You consider yourself as physically strong.
[ ] You go the gym a lot.
[ ] You have an addictive personality.
[ ] You have been to prison.
[x] When you were younger, you had a teddy bear that you took everywhere.
[ ] You had a classical education.
[ ] You have/had nightmares involving bats.
[x] You are violent.
[x] You do not explain your actions.
[ ] You have a Mexican heritage.
Total: 4

[ ] You like B-Movies.
[ ] You want to be an actor/actress.
[x] You are a good liar.
[ ] You make sculptures.
[ ] You enjoy the work of Boris Karloff.
[ ] You have had plastic surgery.
[x] You have been in a car accident.
[/] You hate remakes.
[/] You can't swim.
[x] You reference films all the time
Total: 4

Killer Croc
[ ] You were born with a medical condition that affects your body on the outside.
[ ] You were/are raised by a member of your family that wasn't/isn't your parents.
[x] You enjoy your own company.
[x] You have quick reflexes.
[ ] You enjoy wrestling.
[ ] You are a good swimmer.
[x] You can run very fast.
[ ] You grew up without your mother.
[ ] You enjoy circus sideshows.
[/] You are muscular. (In more of a lanky way though. o-o Long muscles from running and shit.)
Total: 3.5

Black Mask
[ ] You come from a well-off/wealthy family.
[x] You had an accident/serious injury as a child.
[/] You hate hypocrisy above all things.
[ ] Someone has broken up with you in public.
[x] You are accident-prone.
[x] You consider yourself as unlucky.
[x] You are determined.
[ ] You enjoy films like Turistas, Wolf Creek, SAW and Hostel.
[/] You like to intimidate people.
[/] You want to be the top dog.
Total: 5.5

[/] You are meek and mild.
[ ] You want to be a ventriloquist/have a dummy.
[ ] Your favorite film is Scarface.
[ ] You like gangster-related media and/or clothing.
[ ] If you could live in any time, it would have the 1920's
[ ] You tend to verbally abuse people.
[ ] You have a speech impediment.
[ ] You let other people take the blame rather than yourself.
[ ] You call your nearest and dearest 'Sugar'
[ ] You have an Italian heritage.
Total: .5

Mad Hatter
[x] You are shy.
[x] You have/had feelings for someone who didn't feel the same.
[/] Alice In Wonderland is your favorite book/Disney film.
[ ] You love tea.
[/] You have a lot of hats.
[x] You have been called delusional.
[x] You are immature.
[x] You identify more with children than adults.
[x] You sometimes have trouble separating reality from dreams or your imagination.
[ ] You like to rhyme.
Total: 7

[x] You love bats.
[ ] You are deaf or have hearing problems.
[ ] You want to be a scientist.
[ ] You tend to think illogically.
[x] You feel comfortable in the dark.
[x] You are instinctive.
[/] You love fruit.
[ ] You wish you could fly.
[ ] You have a strong family life.
[x] You are married.
Total: 4.5

1. Mad Hatter (7)
2. Two-Face (7)
3. Black Mask (5.5)
4. Joker (5.5)
5. Scarecrow (4.5)
6. Riddler (4.5)
7. Man-Bat (4.5)
8. Bane (4)
9. Clayface (4)
10. Ra's Al Ghul (3.5)
11. Killer Croc (3.5)
12. Mr. Freeze (3)
13. Penguin (1.5)
14. Ventriloquist/Scarface (.5)
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Skyway Avenue by We The Kings

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